About Us

Welcome to Netherline Virtual Aviation

    Netherline VA is based at Groningen Eelde Airport.

    We are a virtual airline where the fun of flying and making friends is considered the highest goal. Netherline is and will always be the VA many of us have come to enjoy as a very casual airline where fun and friendship are the main reason for its existence. No strict and mandatory routes or a complicated system of rules and restricting ratings that only frustrate. Just enjoy the clear blue skies and stunning scenery. Get in the thick of it logging in to the buzz of a busy airport at peak ATC rush hour. It's a challenging and interesting hobby with endless possibilities. We think that is the way to run a Virtual Airline. Just come and fly with Netherline whenever you like and when you feel like it. No questions asked and where your are always welcome

Sure there are some rules and regulations, but those are needed to keep things organised and ensure all people in the VA think the same way you do. For example, you need to be at least 15 years of age and speak at least some English, enough to communicate with air traffic control anyway. Also we all need to comply with the IVAO general rules which state things like respect and the absolute unbias towards race religion, etc. If you want to know what rules we comply to please take a look in the Rules and Regulations section above. You will be surprised how few rules there actually are!

IVAO or rather the International Virtual Aviation Organisation is a worldwide network where both flying with live ATC and controlling actual live aircraft are possible. All is done as realistically as possible and all members try their very best to keep it that way.

As real as it gets is the IVAO motto and it must be said: it gets very, very close to the real thing!

Off course this can all sound very intimidating to a starting pilot. This is why we offer free and fun training and courses online to anyone who wants to expand its knowledge of flying or wants to start flying the way it really is done in the real world. Experienced pilots will share all they know with you in a fun and informal community. Whether you like buzzing your small local airport in VFR conditions or wrestling that 747 heavy thorough stormy approaches, it is all possible and quicker than you might have ever imagined!

Pick an aircraft from the flightline, start her up and we will see you soon at 30 thousand feet!

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